Cardiologist Jamal Shaaban listed foods that trigger cancer and heart disease

Well-known Egyptian cardiologist Jamal Shaaban listed foods that trigger cancer and heart disease. Their arguments specialist mentioned on the page in Facebook.

Кардиолог Джамал Шаабан перечислил продукты, провоцирующие рак и болезни сердца

According to the cardiologist, to reduce the risk of premature withdrawal from life because of cancer and heart disease, it is important to significantly reduce food products containing sugar. The danger is that it leads not only to excessive weight, the fat cells are very active, having a direct relationship to the development of cancer, this also applies to increasing the likelihood of blockages in the coronary arteries.
“Cancer cells have a voracious appetite to sugar than non-cancerous, they also create inflammatory conditions that may lead to disruption of the heart,” explained Jamal Shaaban .

Under strict restriction were the following products: biscuits, cakes, other desserts, since they are composed of sugar and refined carbohydrates, canned fruit in syrup, dried fruits, food with low fat content, since it often contains sweeteners. Cardiologist Jamal Shaaban warned about the dangers of soft drinks, processed juices.
“Always try to drink water instead of soft drinks or juices, avoiding added sugar in coffee or tea. Instead of using it, you can try natural substitutes”, – concluded the cardiologist.

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