Cardano Founder Supports Tornado Cash Developers

Cardano Founder Supports Tornado Cash Developers

Cardano founder supported Tornado Cash developers

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson defended the developers of the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer, which fell under OFAC sanctions.

According to Hoskinson, developers can't always control open source code and how users will interact with it. A programmer should not be in jail for offenses committed by other people, he stressed.

“It's like writing a book about making cyanide or making a bomb. The authors have no control over how this information is used […]. Therefore, by creating code for the protocol, the developer should not be considered an accomplice. He just wrote code that was technically exploited by attackers,” Hoskinson said.

What is Tornado Cash and how does it does it work?

August 8 OFAC contributed  the Tornado Cash website, as well as 39 Ethereum and 6 USDC addresses associated with it.

According to the department, since the creation of the mixer in 2019, with its help, attackers have laundered more than $7 worth of cryptocurrencies billion. According to Elliptic, it is correct to talk about $1.54 billion.

On August 12, Dutch authorities arrested an unnamed man on suspicion of being involved in money laundering and hiding criminal financial flows through a cryptocurrency mixer. Later it became known that Alexey Pertsev was in question.

The decision of the authorities caused a resonance in the community. The CEO of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, Jess Powell, called the sanctions against Tornado Cash unconstitutional, and TRM Labs analysts called it a compliance challenge

Rep. Tom Emmer also criticized. In his opinion, restrictions on the mixer threaten privacy and innovation. He demanded an explanation from Finance Minister Janet Yellen regarding OFAC's actions.

Recall that on August 22, a rally in support of Pertsev took place in Amsterdam. Its participants stated that open source code is not a crime, and the authorities should prosecute real attackers.

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