Cardano became a “gold” member of the Linux Foundation

Cardano became a “gold” member of the Linux Foundation

Cardano became a gold member Linux Foundation

The non-profit organization Cardano Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as a «gold member.

The day before, June 22, Cardano Foundation CEO Dirk Hondel spoke at the Open Source Summit in Austin in a Q&A session with Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

“We believe that building a vibrant community around blockchain technology is key to its mainstream adoption. The Linux Foundation has the necessary competencies and experience in collaborating with interesting open-source technologies,” Khondel commented.

The Linux Foundation has three levels of membership: silver, gold and platinum. Members at each level pay an annual fee that contributes to the organization's budget.

Gold Membership has a $100,000 annual fee and gives the member the potential to earn a seat on the organization's board of directors. 

< p>Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation is the world's leading collaboration platform for open source software developers, with more than 1,800 contributors supporting its projects. 

Earlier it was revealed that the Cardano team had rescheduled the Vasil hard fork for July. The implementation of Vasil is expected to increase network throughput, reduce transaction costs, and improve blockchain security.

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