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Carbon tax: Poilievre threatens to paralyze committees

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The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre (Archive photo)

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Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has Threatened the Liberals to paralyze parliamentary committees and the House of Commons, potentially delaying the start of the holiday break, if they do not offer further relief on carbon pricing.

We demand the government remove carbon taxes for farmers, First Nations and families, or we will put thousands of amendments in committees and in the House of Commons, he declared Wednesday during a speech to his caucus.

During this meeting to which journalists are not usually invited, Mr. Poilievre said that this parliamentary obstruction will generate votes that will continue for 24 hours.

We're never going to stop. We will even delay the Christmas vacation of all the politicians on Parliament Hill until they remove the tax.

A quote from Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

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This, he said, is his message for [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau and the Bloc, whom he blames for causing enormous misery, a lot of stress and stress. anguish for Canadians.

They're going to have a little stress too, he laughed. In English, he even pledged to ruin Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Christmas.

For the Liberals, the attitude of Conservative leader is irresponsible and amounts to intimidation, which is not worthy of a leader.

Government House Leader Karina Gould was outraged that Mr. Poilievre's troops reportedly tabled approximately 20,000 amendments to Bill C-50 on natural resources in the Standing Committee on Natural Resources on Tuesday. sustainable jobs.

The bill is only 11 pages long, she said. What does he want to amend? He wants to amend the title 500 times. That is something that is irresponsible. This is something which demonstrates that for him, politics is a game. It is not something serious. He wants to "bully" [intimidate] Canadians.

What bills could be delayed?, she was asked. It's the C-56 then on housing [and] on [competition]. It's [the one on] sustainable jobs, it's the economic update, it's the free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine. It's the S-9 which is on [chemical] weapons.

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The Government House Leader, Karina Gould (Stock photo)

Already, attempts at obstruction are being observed in several parliamentary committees. For example, a Conservative MP announced last month to the Standing Committee on Official Languages ​​that she would table a motion to study the effect of carbon pricing on French and English in the country. p>

And the Conservatives have paralyzed the Standing Committee on Natural Resources since October 30.

Conservatives criticize the Bloc Québécois for supporting the carbon tax. Although this tax, as the Conservatives like to call it, does not apply to Quebec, they claim that Quebecers pay it indirectly.

If Canada's farmers pay a tax and truckers pay taxes, all the food that Quebecers buy that is transported from elsewhere in Canada is taxed by Justin Trudeau's carbon tax, a repeated Wednesday Mr. Poilievre.

The Conservatives also consider that the Bloc supports the regulation on clean fuels which they associate with a second tax which will increase the price of gasoline by 17 cents per liter by 2030, according to the parliamentary budget officer. They rely on a Commons vote in June.

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