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Accident at Carberry  : a survivor does not want the victims to be forgotten

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The mayor of the town of Dauphin, David Bosiak says some families of the victims have asked the city council to establish a memorial at CN Park. (Archive photo)


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A survivor of the Carberry, Manitoba crash that killed 17 people last June doesn't want to that the victims and their families be forgotten

Alex Senyk, 74, was among 25 people in a minibus heading to the Sand Hills Casino, near Carberry, in the southwest of the province, on June 15.

The minibus and a tractor-trailer collided while the bus was crossing the highway.

Six months after this accident, Alex Senyk feels like that fateful day has disappeared.

It's like everything has been forgotten, but it's something tragic that happened and it's so sad to see it. The victims must be remembered for a long time, he says.

Alex Senyk only remembers getting on the minibus on June 15 last and reopened his eyes in the hospital.

He had been informed that he had been in a coma for five days.

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