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“Car for pumping”: Netflix is ​​working on a reboot of the legendary show

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

"Car for a pump": Netflix is ​​working on a reboot of the legendary show

"Car for pumping"/Netflix

The popular zero-rated show “Tachka na pachka” returns to the screens. The production is handled by the streaming platform Netflix, and the presenter will be the American actor and comedian Chris Redd.

The name will also be updated – now it is “Resurrected Rides”. This is reported by Variety.

The first season will include eight episodes. Actor and comedian Chris Red will take the place of the presenter, who was rapper Xzibit on MTV.

Resurrected Rides is a brand new car restoration series for the modern era, in which Red and his team of mechanics help deserving owners turn their beloved battered cars into road-going masterpieces, the project description reads.

To the new project team Rick Harvitz, one of the creators of “Pulling Cars” joined. In the new project, he will act as a producer.

We took the spirit and knowledge of the original and reimagined it with an attractive host, an all-new cast, as well as the stunning technology and culture of today, Harvitz commented on the new Netflix project.

The original show ran from 2004 to 2007. The audience saw six seasons (73 episodes). The new project starts on July 24. During eight 40-minute episodes, viewers will watch the process of car modification from start to finish.

"Truck for Pumping": Netflix is ​​working on a reboot of the legendary show

Chris Read/Carlos Gonzalez/Netflix

More about the show:

“Tachka na pachchku” is an American television program produced by MTV. In each episode of the show, a car in poor condition was restored and customized. And at the end, the owner was shown the car, as well as all the repair details and individual features; in addition, the contestant was usually given a gift somehow related to the car or their hobby.

The show has had several international adaptations, including in Great Britain, Central Europe (Pimp My Ride International) and other adaptations in Brazil, Indonesia and the Baltic States.

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