Captured alleged child abuser in TransMilenio

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The announcement about the case of the young Hilary Castro was given by the Attorney General's Office

Alleged abuser of minors captured in TransMilenio

Photograph of the alleged abuser of Hilary Castro while he was captured by the National Police

On the night of this Saturday, May 5, November, the Attorney General's Office announced that the man accused of having sexually assaulted Hilary Castro at TransMilenio's La Castellana station was captured.

“Investigative work by #Attorney General's Office and @ Po liciaBogota made it possible to identify and capture the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse against a 17-year-old adolescent, in events that occurred on October 31, in Transmilenio. In the next few hours, he will be presented before a guarantee control judge,” wrote the accusing body on its Twitter account.

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, referred to the arrest of this person: “Our @PoliciaBogota has captured the criminal who allegedly abused Hilary. She will be prosecuted. In Bogotá we work tirelessly and in coordination for the safety of all. Women are respected. We will take care of them and make them respect #NiUnaMas”, wrote the president. In addition, she affirmed that the capture took place through a raid and search operation in the town of Usaquén, in the north of the city. According to her, all the legal procedures were fulfilled.

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