Captain America – New World Order: this excellent news for fans

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Captain America – New World Order: this great news for fans

Captain America – New World Order, future opus of the adventures of the superhero taken over by Le Faucon, is looming a little more on the horizon.

When there's more, there's more. It's kind of the rule of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Take Captain America. Despite retiring without 49.3 after the events of Avengers – Endgame, this one disappears. Not without leaving a successor. And, in fact, it is his sidekick Sam Wilsonaka The Falcon. The flying superhero, still superbly portrayed by the monolithic Anthony Mackie, is de facto the new Captain America. And that, it bangs. But what's even classier is Captain America – New World Order, his stand alone which is coming soon. Well, almost.

According to information from our colleagues at Allociné, the filming of Captain America – New World Order has just begun. Great news for fans who are missing their dose of Avengers and who may have been disappointed with the latest MCU films. Especially since we can have blind faith in The Falcon to embody the new Captain America. This one has proven itself and it is obvious that he is worthy of carrying the robust shield flocked with the patriotic star and colors of Uncle Sam. Steve Rogers can be proud of his spiritual and military heir.

Captain America – New World Order : Anthony Mackie's express CV

If, for the young generation who are fans of productions signed Marvel Studios, Anthony Mackie is the unstoppable Falcon… Know that the American actor still had a life – and a career – before signing for the MCU. Thus, the oldest remember his participation in 8 Mile, the famous true-false biopic on the rapper Eminem. In this one, released in theaters 20 years ago (already!), he embodies Papa Doc. A leader of small thugs who gets demolished by Eminem in an impressive final rap battle. A few years later, we find him facing Ryan Gosling in the too little known (and very successful) Half Nelson. Here, Anthony Mackie embodies a small dealer without scale, not really bad but not friendly either. A hustler as there are thousands of them in working-class African-American neighborhoods. A handful of years later, he starred alongside another future Avengers, Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye, in the excellent Minesweepersthen played nothing less than U.S. rap legend Tupac Shakur in the biopic of brother-enemy Biggie Smalls, Notorious . Roles, not often in the forefront, but which have sufficiently marked the public and sometimes even the critics. The rest of his career is part of the history of contemporary American cinema: he signed with Marvel Studios to play The Falcon in 2014 and began in Captain America – The Winter Soldier. He then chained no less than five major MCU productions and landed his regular series in 2021, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Not bad, no, for a second knife American cinema and the MCU?