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Canon has developed a material that extends the life of solar batteries

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Canon has developed a material that extends the life of solar cells

The Japanese company Canon has developed a protective material, the coating of which can increase the service life of flexible solar cells to 20-30 years, reports Nikkei.< /p>

The new material is planned to be used to protect the light-collecting layer of perovskite, which is destroyed under the influence of moisture and heat. Coatings 100 to 200 nanometers thick are expected to reduce the need for maintenance and repair.

Primary solar cells – thinner, more flexible and more versatile than their traditional counterparts. Japan sees them as key to its energy security, given its limited space for solar farms and its reliance on China for traditional solar power products.

Mass production is scheduled to begin in 2025 at the Canon Group's plant in Fukui Prefecture. Sales are expected to reach billions of yen by 2030 (1 billion yen equals approximately $6.3 million).

Meanwhile, oil refinery Eneos Holdings will increase production of iodine needed for perovskite cells.

Canon and Eneos plan to supply products to companies such as Sekisui Chemical, Toshiba and Panasonic, which make perovskite cells and modules. JGC Holdings plans to start generating electricity using the cells around 2026, installing them in factories and warehouses.

Japan initially had a technological advantage in conventional solar cells, but lost to China in their commercialization. As Chinese players now turn their attention to perovskite, the Japanese government is trying to strengthen the country's industrial base with this flexible technology.

The government will spend about 64.8 billion yen from the Green Innovation Fund to help commercialize perovskite cells with the goal of introducing them to operation until 2030. The government has also included support for relevant research, talent and supply chains in its draft new law on economic and fiscal policy.

Natasha Kumar

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