In the year 2022, the WBA 175-pound champion only faced a pair of Mexican boxers and defeated them both by way of the unanimous decision

Canelo or Zurdo: Dmitry Bivol revealed who hits harder

The light heavyweight monarch of the WBA compared the performance of their two Mexican rivals (Photos: Gettyimages)

Dmitry BivolIt is shaping up to close the year 2022 as one of the biggest revelations that international boxing had. During the period, he faced the challenge of facing Saúl Canelo Álvarez and Gilberto Zurdo Ramirez, two boxers who threatened to take away his perfect record and championship. Despite expectations, he came out on top both times, but singled out the character he had the hardest time in the ring.

During an interview for The DAZN Boxing Show, the Kyrgyz native spoke about his plans for the future, as well as his impressions after the two defenses he made. In his speech he highlighted the versatility implemented by the Lefty Ramírez in his attacks and, although he considered him a difficult opponent , singled out the undisputed 168-pound champion as the most demanding opponent.

“As for power, of course Canelo is a much more powerful boxer. The punch of Canelo is much stronger than that of Ramírez, but Ramirez used combinations. He landed three punches when Canelo only did it with two or three. In addition, Canelo is faster”, he told the media outlet.

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Bivol highlighted Canelo's punching power and speed over Zurdo Ramírez (Joe Camporeale/REUTERS)

When the bell rang to end his last round against Zurdo Ramirez , the wave of comparisons between the performance of each of the Mexicans did not wait. In both fights, the Russian boxer was widely dominant, but the opponent who received the most criticism was the one born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, since he did not show the qualities to take the title from his hands.

< p class="paragraph">One of the experts who attacked the Zurdo was Julio César Chávez, as he classified his compatriot as a “lukewarm” boxer. During his intervention in the narration of the brawl, he lamented that Ramírez sacrificed his fighting style for a more measured and timid one when the rival came to connect him up to nine consecutive times. “You don't see the courage to win the fight like the great champions,” condemned Mr. Knockout.

For his part, Dmitry Bivol considered that Ramírez did not take him by surprise and developed the fight he had been waiting for months before, although he did not underestimate his rival and his qualities. The general opinion of the fans around the fight turned in favor of the Russian, who made the process look easy but he did not consider it that way and clarified that each opponent is different.

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“They were two different fights. To be honest, I spent a lot more energy and was a lot more focused on the fight against Canelo because in the whole fight I was focused and thought I had to work every round to win it. With Ramirez, I thought on a couple of occasions that I could take a break and do it again. With Canelo It couldn't be during the entire fight”, he stated.

Will Dmitry Bivol give Canelo Álvarez a rematch?

Another of the topics discussed for the 175-pound champion endorsed by the WBA was the possibility of again facing Canelo Álvarez. Although it would be a highly attractive and commercial fight due to the rivalry and power of the two fighters, the Russian set his primary objective in the unification of all the light heavyweight titles against his compatriot Artur Beterbiev.

His priority was clear, but he made it clear that the decision also depends on the promoters involved in his next fight. For this reason, although his desire is to be the undisputed champion, his current contract with the promoter Matchroom Boxing could at any time revive the possibility of making the second fight against the man from Guadalajara, but in the end the final decision will be in the hands of the current monarch.


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