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Candidates in the 2023 elections at l’Î.-P.-É. experienced cyberharassment

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More than forty women are candidates in the 2023 provincial elections in Prince Edward Island, a record.

The Canadian Press

A report from the Prince Edward Island Coalition for Women in Politics found that two-thirds of people who identify as women, or are gender diverse, and who are candidates in the 2023 provincial elections faced a form of online harassment.

The survey and series of interviews conducted with 15 women and gender diverse people who participated in the 2023 provincial elections have revealed that during their campaign, a majority of them had been victims of what the authors call technology-facilitated violence.

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Dennis King celebrated his victory with his supporters. He was re-elected to lead a majority government in Prince Edward Island.

The report reveals trends in the type of online harassment they faced, such as name calling and even threats of physical violence.

One ​​candidate said he was told to think about focusing on his family instead of running for office.

The coalition says this survey is an important starting point for analyzing the impact of online gender-based harassment as a barrier to women's participation in politics.

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