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Canal+: the channel is launching a 2-euro offer that will make people happy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

With two euros, the price of a metro ticket (excluding the Olympic Games period, thank you IDF Mobilités and Valérie Pé ;cresse), Canal+ will launch a new offer which should appeal to more than just a small budget. The private channel has just announced the arrival today ofTV+, a low-cost way of consuming television for those who do not have a box or access to TNT.

Canal+: the channel is launching a 2 euro offer that will make people happy

TV+, 80 channels television for 2 euros

We tell you this straight away so as not to give you false hopes; no, the new low cost offer from Canal+ to two euros does not include the group's pay channels. Despite everything, except At this price, what they offer will appeal to many Internet users. Available today on the myCANAL application, this unique subscription allows you to have access to 80 television channels. Named TV+, this alternative to; the classic boxing of operators like Orange or Free allows non-Canal+ subscribers to watch television, without having to subscribe to Canal+. them. Easy to access since available on most operating systems (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows…), this subscription aims to adapt to your needs. our modern use of connected devices.

CANAL+ is today launching TV+, its new streaming offer bringing together in the same app all TV live and in replay, with, in addition, a series ;selection of CANAL+ content.

With CANAL+, no need to choose!

More information here: /Ij26OALhef

May 22, 2024

Inevitably, the fact that Canal+ offers an offer without access to Canal+ risks creating confusion among Internet users. Once this confusion has been cleared up, this less expensive option than that of its direct competitor,, should overshadow the competition. this last. Even if the Extra offer at 6.99 euros per month of opens access to 100 channels and more a broadcast on 4 screens, as well as a functionality recording in the cloud, it is likely that the 80 channels (TNT, thematic channels and other digital channels) for 1 simultaneous user, with a more traditional replay, of TV+ are largely sufficient for most potential subscribers.

Canal+: the channel is launching a 2 euro offer which will make happy

According to the confidences of Christophe Pinard-Legry, the general director of Canal+ France, Canal+ aims to be the point of unique entry into the contents”. A desire to announced to appeal to young people, as with this new offer for unlimited cinema, and to those who want to consolidate their media into a single platform.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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