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Le treatise de libre -Canada-Ukraine exchange adopted | War in Ukraine

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Support for Ukraine is declining in Canada, recent poll shows


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Members of the House of Commons adopted a new free trade agreement with Ukraine on Tuesday. All elected officials voted in favor of the treaty, except the conservatives.

For the Minister of International Trade, Mary Ng, it is a modernized free trade agreement that will allow Canadian companies to participate more actively in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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International Trade Minister Mary Ng

Conservatives say their side that they support Ukraine, but that they oppose this agreement in order to protest against carbon pricing.

Indeed, the agreement calls on Ukraine and Canada to promote carbon pricing. Canada's system was created in 2019, while Ukraine has had carbon pricing since 2011.

War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine

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It is totally unacceptable to seize this opportunity of a moment of weakness of a country which needs help to try to impose its ideological program, judged Tuesday the Conservative MP Luc Berthold.

We cannot support a free trade agreement with the United States. Ukraine which will impose a carbon tax and which will not help Ukraine face its Russian enemies.

A quote from Luc Berthold, Conservative MP

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre avoided saying whether he believes Canada is sending too much aid to the 'Ukraine.

In doing so, he is giving in to the liberals, who accuse Pierre Poilievre of being influenced by the Republican right in the United States which blocks the 'aid to Ukraine.

Liberal MP Yvan Baker, for example, estimated on Tuesday that the conservatives have abandoned Ukraine.

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Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

For Pierre Poilievre, the solution to helping Ukraine rests instead on the exploitation of fossil fuels. We have a thousand billion cubic feet of natural gas. We can sell that to reduce European dependence on Russia, he stressed.

Furthermore, Mr. Polilievre proposes in particular to send old Canadian shells to Kiev, a way, according to him, of maintaining aid while reducing the bill.

It's going to save us money, actually, because it was going to be expensive to destroy them. We give this to Ukraine to fight Russia. Does it cost much to do it? No, he explained.

A recent Angus Reid poll indicates that 25% of Canadians think Canada is doing too much to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Among conservative voters, this proportion rises to 43%.

The Ukrainian diaspora is concerned that this drop in support among the population will have negative effects on the government's commitments.

Anastasiia Moskaluk and Alina Lavrynets have family fighting at the front. According to them, wavering support would have harmful consequences.

It's the boys, the young men who risk every moment, every second, says Ms. Lavrynets.

I think that Ukraine, alone, as such, will not come out of the war alone, Alina Moskaluk laments .

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Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, carried out last week a surprise two-day visit to Ukraine.

But the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, assures that the Canadian government's support for Ukraine remains firm.

We are here to support the Ukrainians against an autocratic, extremely dangerous regime which is Russia which is also our neighbor in the world. Arctic, said Ms. Joly, who has just returned from a trip to Kiev.

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