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Canada sent a patrol ship to the coast of Cuba as a deterrent measure

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Canada sent a patrol ship to the coast of Cuba as a deterrent measure

Photo: Canadian patrol ship Margaret Brooke in the port of Havana

The Canadian government said on Monday, June 17, that as a deterrent measure it had sent a patrol ship to the shores of Cuba at a time when Russian military vessels were there, Reuters reports.
< br /> The announcement follows comments from some opposition conservative lawmakers.

Canada has traditionally maintained relations with Havana since the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Historically, this relationship has worked better under Liberal governments than Conservative ones.

"Cuba and Russia are not allies of Canada,", – emphasized on social networks Michael Chong, who oversees foreign affairs in the shadow government formed by the Canadian conservative opposition.

A Canadian Navy patrol ship entered the port of Havana early on Friday, June 14, two days after the arrival of a Russian nuclear submarine and a frigate. Canada and the United States said they were closely monitoring the ships. However, the United States and Cuba note that Russian warships do not pose a threat to the region.

"This deployment… sends a very clear signal that Canada has… military forces ready to deploy, and we will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to protect our national interests– Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair told reporters. – Canadian Forces will continue to monitor the movements and activities of Russian ships. Presence – this is deterrence. We are present.”.

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