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Canada aims «  a healthier relationship” with India | Tensions between India and Canada

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After months of strained relationships Following the killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia, Canada is “working to reestablish a healthier relationship” with India, says Jody Thomas, former national security adviser and to Justin Trudeau's intelligence.

After two years as advisor to the Prime Minister, Jody Thomas retired on Friday.

Relations between Ottawa and New Delhi deteriorated after the Prime Minister Trudeau publicly suspected in the House of Commons the Indian government of being involved in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, which occurred on June 23, 2023 in the suburbs of Vancouver.

The reaction of the Indian government was immediate. While rejecting Mr. Trudeau's allegations, New Delhi suspended all visa services to Canada for two months.

In October 2023, 41 diplomats Canadians had to leave the country after the Indian government threatened to revoke their diplomatic immunity. Canadian diplomats have still not returned to their posts in India.

Tensions between India and Canada

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Tensions between India and Canada

Consult the complete file


In an interview with CBC News, Jody Thomas indicated that she had gone to India to discuss with her colleagues the allegations concerning the murder of the Sikh leader. She stressed that the reaction of Indian officials was really unfortunate and a bit surprising.

According to her, the Indian government's posture is counterproductive because it harms human relations between Canada and India. We need diplomats there to issue visas and run programs on behalf of Canadians and Indians, she explained.

While the RCMP was conducting its investigation, a new element was added to the file. In the United States, the American justice system unveiled an indictment according to which a plot linked to the Indian government, aimed at committing multiple assassinations in North America, had been foiled.

In the indictment, filed in New York, US prosecutors allege that Indian national Nikhil Gupta sent a hitman a video of Mr Nijjar's body and that x27;he told her to do it quickly.

Following the disclosure of this information, several G7 countries lined up behind Canada .

In a statement to CBC, Justin Trudeau indicated that India seemed more open to collaborating on this matter. Jody Thomas stressed that the RCMP was ensuring the prosecution was successful.

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