Camilla ‘fuming’ over Prince William, Kate Middleton’s royal roles

Camilla ‘fuming’ over Prince William, Kate Middleton’s royal roles

Sources reveal Duchess Camilla was at her wit’s end when she found out about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s future royal roles.

The claim was brought forward by a royal source and they told Woman’s Day, “Camilla has told Charles to man up and fight.”

They also went on to admit, “She’s fuming and has told him it was his destiny to be on the throne.”

“Camilla is livid that William could potentially take the throne – and she’s pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate.”

Even royal correspondent Richard Palmer told admitted, “Tensions are mounting between staff as the monarchy prepares for life without the Queen.”

“As courtiers oversee a gradual handover to Prince Charles and his sons, some courtiers have found their noses put out of joint amid tensions over the pace of change.”

“It’s a slightly jarring change, in contrast to the long-held view that the monarchy is in a way modelled on the design of a jar of Marmite: it changes dramatically over the years but so gradually that the change is irreplaceable.”

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