Camila Cabello details fears around wearing less makeup in ‘Cinderella’

Camila Cabello details fears around wearing less makeup in ‘Cinderella’

Camila Cabello recently addressed some of her fears surrounding having to wear less makeup while working on Cinderella.

The singer got candid about it all during her interview on the Sky’s Backstage podcast and was quoted saying, “Acting in a movie is so much more raw and unfiltered than when I’m doing a performance on TV.”

“First of all, a lot less make-up, which at first I [found] scary, and I think that there’s a big surrender that comes with films and a lot of trust, like trusting the director.”

“That is different than music where it’s a little bit more kind of rigid and controlled and you present yourself in this one way.”

The biggest challenge that followed suit is, “It is so intimate – I think the challenge is being really present with who you’re talking to and forgetting that the camera’s there, which can be difficult.”

Before concluding she added, “I just kept thinking from the perspective of like a young girl, watching this and how growing up, watching these fairytales, you kind of subconsciously internalize a lot of these messages, and I think these are good messages that are going to be subconsciously internalized.”

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