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<p class=Former head of intelligence at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Cameron Jay Ortis, upon his arrival at court in Ottawa on November 3, 2023. (Archive photo)


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A judge is expected to hear widely divergent arguments on Thursday about the sentence he should impose on the former director general of intelligence for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Cameron Jay Ortis.

A hearing scheduled for Thursday and Friday will help Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger decide the sentence for Mr. Ortis, convicted of #x27;having violated the Protection of Information Act.

Arrested in 2019, the 51-year-old man was accused of communicating intentionally special operational information and without having the authority to do so or having attempted to share this type of information.

In November, jurors found Mr. Ortis guilty of six counts of disclosing top-secret information. Four of the charges relate to alleged breaches of the Protection of Information Act. Two other charges were laid under the Criminal Code, namely breach of trust and unauthorized use of a computer.

At trial, the prosecution argued that Mr. Ortis used his position within the RCMP to leak confidential information to police targets in early 2015. Because of his key position in Ottawa, he access to national and multinational investigations and coveted intelligence. Mr. Ortis, for his part, said he was acting to protect Canada from a serious threat from a foreign entity.

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Following the jury's verdict, prosecutor Judy Kliewer suggested the Crown would seek a 20-year prison sentence.

Mark Ertel, one of Mr. Ortis' lawyers, said the defense would argue that his client had already served enough time behind bars as the proceedings unfolded.

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