Camacho urges athletes to collaborate with the National Census

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  • Camacho urges athletes to collaborate with the National Census

    Francisco Camacho, Minister of Sports.

The Minister of Sports and Recreation Francisco Camacho called for to the entire national sports movement to lend its full collaboration with the realization of the Tenth Population and Housing Census, which began this Thursday, November 10 and will extend for 14 days, on weekends.

Camacho's call includes all the leadership of the different levels of sport, athletes, coaches and servers to collaborate with the enumerators, so that the The process is a complete success and the information required by the National Statistics Office (ONE), the entity in charge of carrying it out, can be collected.

The incumbent of the sports portfolio appealed. He called for citizen responsibility, which every athlete should be especially endowed with, so that they answer all the questions from the enumerators, who he said will be duly identified with ONE symbols.

he remembered that the National Census is being applying once a decade and that the Dominican Republic needs to have reliable statistics on the amount of the national population alive and existing housing, so that with them it can be designed more efficiently public policies for a better development of the nation.

In this sense, Camacho indicated that that the full collaboration with the present National Census of Population and Housing of the athletes of the entire national geography, can serve as an example for the rest of the citizenry, since those who practice sports are usually better empowered of the duties and responsibilities as an individual and as a group.

In his motivation, Minister Camacho called We encourage athletes to join the support provided to the National Census by religious, business, trade union, professional associations, politicians and civil society, who advocate for it to achieve the success it deserves.

The National Population and Housing Census will be extended until the 23rd day of this month of November, as stipulated by the the National Statistics Office (ONE).

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