Called the 5 key signs of thyroid cancer

Foreign doctors have listed the 5 key signs of thyroid cancer. One of them is shortness of breath.

Названы 5 ключевых признаков рака щитовидной железы

As noted by the doctors, in women, thyroid cancer occurs three times more often than men, and thus it can develop in any age group. Cancer occurs primarily when the cells on the endocrine system of an organism has the genetic mutation. While there are certain risk factors responsible for occurrence of the condition, such as exposure to radiation or family history. As with other malignancies, the sooner people seek medical help, the higher the probability of successful treatment. The prognosis depends on the tumor type, stage of detection, location, growth rate. The key signs of a condition doctors attributed: persistent cough, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing food, pain in the lower part of the neck seal.

The experts also noted that bumps on the neck often are not a sign of cancer, for example, in children mainly caused by a sore throat or an ear infection, however in any case necessary to consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Earlier, the doctors found that neck pain can be a symptom of rare complications of coronavirus.

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