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The Calgary Police Service says no other Calgary 911 employees would have been aware of or involved in this activity. (Archive photo)

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A Calgary 911 employee is accused of intentionally passing protected information to organized crime.

On Thursday, Mariana Buonincontri was charged with #x27;breach of trust, willfully committed mischief in relation to computer data and fraudulent use of a computer system.

The charges, which fall under the Criminal Code, follow a year-long corruption investigation by the Calgary Police Service's (CPS) Sensitive Investigations Unit.

As part of her duties with the Calgary 911 service, the accused, aged 58, was responsible for taking emergency calls.

Such a breach of trust impacts all members of the public service, our officers, the public and those with whom we come into contact every day and whose private information is closely protected, says Inspector Shawn Wallace , from the CPS Office of Professional Standards.

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Mariana Buonincontri was released on Thursday. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 7, 2024.

At a press conference on Thursday, Iain Bushell, Director of Management of Emergency and Community Safety for the City of Calgary, would not say whether or not the accused has received a salary since her suspension in January 2023.

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At a press conference Thursday, Iain Bushell [left], director of emergency management and community safety for the City of Calgary, said the city conducts criminal background checks and audits for all new employees.

The latter indicates that a regulation prohibiting the use of personal telephones in the 911 service center is in force.< /p>

“We will be carrying out a thorough review of all our processes and procedures to determine what improvements can be made to prevent a situation like this from happening again,” says Iain Bushell.

In a press release, the CPS said it became aware that protected information had been disclosed in December 2022, during an unrelated investigation.

This triggered an investigation into the source of the information, followed by the woman's arrest on January 26, 2023. She was arrested, questioned and released without charge pending the investigation's findings. ;investigation.

A collaboration between the CPS and its digital forensics team uncovered more than 200 images containing critical data on electronic devices the accused.

The investigation also found that the data was intentionally extracted from searches targeting individuals linked to organized crime and was then provided to other individuals involved in these criminal activities.

CPS says no other City 911 employee would have been aware of or involved in this activity.

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