Caitlyn Jenner under fire for supporting Texas’ abortion law

Caitlyn Jenner spoke about the controversial Texas law that prohibits abortions 

Former Olympian and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner is catching flak after she expressed her support for the Texas abortion law.

In an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keiler, the 71-year-old Republican, who is running for governor of California, spoke about the controversial Texas law that prohibits women from terminating their pregnancies after six weeks.

“I am for a woman’s right to choose. I am also for a state having the ability to make their own laws,” she said.

“So I support Texas in that decision, that’s their decision. But as far as being a woman’s right to choose, I don’t see any changes in our laws in California in the future,” she went on to say.

She was further asked how it was possible for her to support women’s right to choose while also endorsing the law.

“I think that they have the right in their state to do what they want to do,” she responded.

“Now do I agree with the decision or not? No. To be honest with you, I actually probably do not agree with the decision. But I agree that they have the right to make their own decision,” she went on to say.

Soon after, social media users were lashing out at the politician for her statements. 

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