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By 2030, smartphones with artificial intelligence will occupy 90% of the market, the forecast is

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

By 2030, smartphones with artificial intelligence will occupy 90% of the market, — forecast

The top manager of Huawei believes that almost all smartphones will be equipped with large language models and will be able to perform incredibly complex functions .

During the Huawei conference on the launch of the 5G-A program (PRC), a representative of the tech giant stated that the share of smartphones based on artificial intelligence in the world market may increase significantly, reports Gizmochina.


A conference was recently held in Shanghai to launch a global commercial 5G-A pilot program. Huawei CEO and Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee Wang Tao delivered a keynote speech at the event. The top manager shared three key changes in the combination of 5G-A communication protocol and artificial intelligence (AI) and predicted how the share of AI-based smartphones will change in the future.

Wang Tao believes that 11% of the global shipments will be for smartphones with AI this year. He added that by 2030 this figure could reach 90%. From his speech, it appears that the integration of large language models (LLM) and core AI functions will become the standard for smartphones within the next two years.

“We will soon see a huge increase in traffic from AI. At the same time, 5G-A networks will be able to provide faster speeds, lower latency, and higher bandwidth to meet the networking demands of the AI ​​era,” — he emphasized.

Today, many flagship smartphones from various Chinese and foreign manufacturers, such as Huawei, OPPO, Samsung, Google and Apple, are equipped with relatively light versions of VMM to perform certain tasks, which gives the devices some advantages, such as advanced functions that become safer and do not require connection to the Internet.

To receive advanced functions, the phone communicates with a cloud server where large VMMs are located. As BAMs become more efficient and chips — more functional, companies will be able to run more functions on gadgets, which will not only make them more attractive to the user, but also, presumably, will benefit manufacturers by reducing the operating costs of cloud servers.

It is noteworthy that Apple was the last company , which entered the market of smartphones with artificial intelligence. The latest version of the operating system, iOS 18, comes with Apple Intelligence, which adds exciting new features to system apps and Siri voice assistant.

Natasha Kumar

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