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Im Du Buy a PS5: Today console supplies from Saturn and MediaMarkt? - The Times Hub

Buy a PS5: Today console supplies from Saturn and MediaMarkt?

Buy a PS5: Today console supplies from Saturn and MediaMarkt?

    fromJoost Rademacher


According to reports, the online shops of Saturn and MediaMarkt are to get new PS5 consoles. Orders could be possible at any time.

    After several months of scarce supplies and open Pre-orders Shipping of the PS5 seems to be picking up speed again.
    At Saturn and Media Markt there are currently more reports from Consolesthat for Pre-order ready for collection.
    Further clearance of the PS5 are expected from the weekend, including new ones Deliveries with in stock Consoles should be on the way ..

Update from 02/13/2021 – Unfortunately yesterday and the day before yesterday remained the one hoped for Replenishment an PS5 consoles at Saturn and Media Markt in Germany. According to media reports like mein-mmo.de, the chances are good that the next wave of sales of PlayStation 5 could start at any time on the weekend.

 The  day before yesterday, for example, in Online-Shops from Media Markt in Austria PS5 consoles sold to new customers. During the day, fans had the chance to get new copies of the new ones Sony console to secure.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

It can therefore be assumed that the expected bulk delivery is always included Saturn and Media Markt could arrive.

 The re was also yesterday at other dealers like GameStop or MediMax the possibility of new Consoles in your Online-Shops to order. Unfortunately, the offer was also available here PS5Consoles from Sony so far very limited. Still, with the new orders, the chances are good the fourth Sales wave could finally begin. Unfortunately, no precise forecast can yet be made. If there are new ones Consoles at Saturn or Media Markt will of course inform you immediately.

Update from 02/11/2021: Last week the time had finally come – Saturn and Media Markt could new PS5Consoles send to your customers or provide for collection. But unfortunately this one stood Replenishment almost exclusively available for pre-orderers, which means that many fans still don’t PS5 to buy could. But according to the latest media reports, that could change immediately, because apparently the camps should be from Saturn and Media Markt with new Consoles from Sony be filled.

Among other things reported gameswirtschaft.de about that as of today the new Sales wave to PlayStation 5 pending. Apparently expected wholesalers like Saturn and Media Markt a delivery to PS5Consoles. In connection with the wave of deliveries last week, the first orders should be possible again from today. But how big it is ConsolesReplenishment will fail is not yet clear.

It also seems possible that the fourth wave of sales staggered until the next week. Here it could happen that only small amounts of Consoles be sold to new customers. For those who haven’t yet PS5 we have a list Online-Shops prepared, in which the next wave could start from today until the next week.

For Germany Gameswirtschaft reports that new online sales could basically start every day. However, it is also noted that the Infoposts of the Online retailer That will show up on new sales of the PS5 should prepare.

 The  site also mentions the following sites for possible new supplies:

    Buy PS5 from Amazon *
    Buy PS5 at Euronics
    Buy PS5 from Expert
    Buy PS5 at Gamestop
    Buy PS5 at Medimax
    Buy PS5 from Otto
    Buy PS5 at MediaMarkt
    Buy PS5 at Saturn

Update from 02/04/2021 – We reported it a few days ago, now you can PS5 pre-order at Media market and Saturn really happy. How GamesWirtschaft According to the status of yesterday evening, all pre-ordered should be reported Consoles, with very few exceptions, on the way to the Fans are located throughout Germany.

 The  last not yet with the PS5 supplied customers are now those who PS5 personally by Filialabholung wanted to receive.

Even if your not the lucky ones PS5-Vorbestellern at Media Markt and Saturn Heard, the current deliveries are a fantastic sign. After all pre-order their Consoles can logically receive new orders from PS5 be included. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the next one in a few days PS5 wave at Media Markt and Saturn on Fans collapses. So now we just have to be a little patient.

Buy PS5: Media Markt and Saturn deliver consoles

Update from 02/01/2021

 The re is more good news for all of you PS5 at Saturn or Media Markt pre-ordered and already bought.

 The  electronics dealer has a supply of new ones Consoles from Sony to get. Accordingly, everyone can and will Pre-order a Consoles received in the next few days. Apparently there was already one for every customer PlayStation 5 reserved and assigned.

 The  company is currently in the new delivery phase of the PS5. Customers should check their e-mails carefully to see whether their own console has already been sent or is ready to be picked up. Have in the morning hours Media Markt and Saturn started to deliver supplies from customers to their customers. So if you haven’t received a notification yet, you should be patient, as this will continue today and the next few days under high pressure.

Originally posted: Hamburg, Germany – Are you still waiting for yours PS5? You probably won’t be alone with this. Numerous are still waiting Pre-order nationwide on the arrival of their Sony console, or at least on the shipping. While a fourth Sales wave is probably gradually becoming unlikely, the German retailers are shipping more and more paid for Consoles to the frustrated Fans. Especially at Saturn and Media Markt it finally has a row of certificates for pickup given and even after the weekend more should be Pre-orders be dispatched.

Buy PS5: Consoles of both variants are ready – many collections recently

Who his PS5 at retailers Saturn and Media Markt has pre-ordered, should keep a close eye on the order status in the next few days until the first week of February. As Gameswirtschaft currently reports on the supplies of the PS5, these two chains have been increasing again since Monday Orders to the Fans Out. Both the digital version of the Consoles as well as those with a drive are handled in practically all federal states and not only ordered shipping orders, but also for collection Consoles should now wait for their owners in the markets.

Good timing for those who have a PS Plus subscription, because the PS Plus games for February 2021 are consistently top-class. Some order numbers have also been processed particularly often recently. So many should Orders with the numbers 9163x, 9164x, 9166x, 9167x, 9180x, 9182x and 9183x in a big way Saturn and Media Markt have been dispatched. Since Wednesday the numbers have been sent to PS5 probably reduced again, but overall, according to the games economy, since last week Consoles have been sent in the four-digit range.

Buy PS5: supplies from the weekend – pre-orders should be completed soon

 The  Pre-order debacle of the PS5 seems to come to an end soon too. According to reports, truck deliveries with new supplies of the trucks will resume over the weekend Consoles Arrive at logistics centers and retailers. This will probably be at Saturn and Media Markt continued to work on finalizing the remaining pre-orders Consoles to supply. According to the Gameswirtschaft, everyone should be open by the end of the first week of February Pre-orders have been completed and delivered or picked up. Also new Orders in the near future there shouldn’t be much in the way.

Buy PS5: New consoles ready for collection – more expected this weekend

© Sony / Media-Saturn-Holding

A fourth Sales wave of the PS5 was actually expected in January.

 The  amount still open and to be delivered Orders but seems to have been too big for that new one Sales were previously only possible sporadically. With some bad luck, it could PS5 but also remain scarce for the rest of the year if a material for the production of the console remains too scarce. This material is also used in a number of other hardware devices, and Nvidia, AMD and Apple are vying for it at the moment.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony / Media-Saturn-Holding

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