Businessmen are not ready to spend a lot of money now, – financier

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Businessmen are not ready to spend a lot of money now - financier

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Business owners in Ukraine, if they are ready to spend at least some funds, only on relocation, energy efficiency, logistics and increasing the intensity of production.

Such observations in the column for «Main in UA» shared the founder and managing partner of the Investohills group of companies Andrey Volkov.

At the same time, he stressed that businessmen invest exclusively their own money. Because there is no outside capital. Neither from non-residents, nor from banks, which practically do not lend to anyone. 

Therefore, according to the businessman, only export-oriented companies from agriculture, oil and gas companies and, possibly retail.

As for foreign investors, as Volkov noted, they also have no incentives to inject capital into a warring country. The threat of losing money is too high, while the chances of successful implementation of any projects, on the contrary, are scanty. 

“For the whole of 2022, I personally saw a few foreign investors who were interested in Ukrainian assets. And then, they were pure speculators. The only question that sounded from them was whether it is possible to buy something in Ukraine for three kopecks in order to hold it until the end of the war and then sell it at a good profit. They were mainly interested in real estate in Kyiv or in Western Ukraine, as well as logistics facilities. At the same time, the amounts of investments in question did not exceed $10 million, – said the financier.   

Volkov also predicts that the investment environment in Ukraine in 2023 will not seriously improve unless the situation at the front changes and economic recovery begins. 

“With the prolongation of the war, with regular shelling of civilian and industrial infrastructure, one should not hope for investment. The maximum that can be said is about some projects in the border zone with European countries related to logistics, the export of Ukrainian food products or the import of goods to Ukraine, – said the businessman. 

Although potentially, according to him, investors' interest in Ukraine is still there. And there are a lot of people who want to develop new projects here. But the war must end and peace is guaranteed. Only then will serious investment money return to Ukraine.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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