Business: How Elizabeth Holmes sidelined the real scientists at Theranos

Michael Amon

Business: How Elizabeth Holmes sidelined the real scientists at Theranos

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Staging Theranos:
Photo taken in Los Angeles, where “The Dropout,” about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, is being filmed.
02:43 01/05/53699

Business: How Elizabeth Holmes sidelined the real scientists at Theranos

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The world seeing both your fraud and a 40+ man airing your texts?

Elizabeth Holmes is going through two trials. #Theranos
14:40 10/02/53698

Business: How Elizabeth Holmes sidelined the real scientists at Theranos

Sarah E. Needleman

“There just came a point where I didn’t know what to believe about Theranos anymore.” Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told a jury he once believed in Elizabeth Holmes but ultimately came to doubt her blood-testing technology.
13:46 06/12/53698

Business: How Elizabeth Holmes sidelined the real scientists at Theranos

Both Flenory brothers plead guilty to running a continuing criminal enterprise.

These are actual events that devastated the lives and livelihoods of thousands. However, the “BMF” series on Starz is a dramatization of those events However, when the marginalized tell their own stories, mainstream mindsets cram to understand.

As is often the case when Black folks tell ‘hood stories, there inevitably will come a reporter who questions why Black folks are “glorifying” mob life.

Yet, none of the same claims are levied against “The Ozarks,” “The Sopranos” or any of the thousands of mob movies produced, directed, starring and based on material written by white folks.

“I think that there’s a huge separation between entertainment and reality, and the people who can’t separate that belong in a mental hospital,” said 50 Cent. “When you’re watching ‘Forensic Files,’ does that make you want to go out and kill somebody and just not do it in the same way that that person did, so you won’t get caught? You don’t do that!”

And it’s not just television either. People come for Black films, Black movies and Black books with mainstream mindsets that distort, distract and discount Black art. Yet, none of the same concern is offered to remedying the real-life conditions that cause our art to be as visceral as it often is.

“When you look at movies from that time period, let’s not escape the facts on how the drugs got in the community. Because that’s when it doesn’t seem like we’re glorifying it, when you see the CIA is actually letting drugs in the community at that point. And creating higher penalties for people who have crack cocaine, and the drug is a lot cheaper than people who had the powder cocaine that was present in Hollywood bathrooms having a great time at their party sniffing cocaine and enjoying themselves.”

“It’s the same drug but different penalties because the lower income would have this drug to get higher, faster. And look at the choice of content of the question. I believe this question was offered with good intentions but delivered wrong,” 50 continued.

“I think they want to be righteous or want to offer the right notes don’t necessarily connect to the entertainment people nor the truth of our experiences. Everything that we picked is based upon how we were trying to convince people to do things,” Jackson told those in attendance.

“It’s almost mandatory that you offer some sort of non-traditional choice on sexuality. All the other things that you can see people consistently put in their projects is almost mandatory. Why? Because they’re pushing that agenda. If you don’t see it, let me tell you early, that’s what they’re doing.”

He added, “When they ask to have a strong female presence in the actual show, when they ask to have a female director on the show. All these things are what we do to shape the result later, but these things are part of an agenda, you know?”

“The choices of how they tried to take care of themselves under circumstances where they didn’t have any choice at all. What was the opportunity that could potentially offer them the ability to go after the American Dream itself, which is financial freedom?”

“I understand how people could misinterpret it and look at it like ‘this is just another successful drug dealer movie.’ Yeah, all my shows are drug dealer shows, even when the person has been convicted wrongfully and thrown in jail for 70 years plus life, the ABC show ‘For Life.’ At that time period, this is what was going on culturally, all over the place. You can miss that and be judgmental and it won’t matter. It’ll be one write up and this will be extremely successful regardless.”, a site dedicated to presenting journalistically sound sports coverage with a cultural perspective that insightfully informs sports fans worldwide. Founded and developed by media entrepreneur Keith Clinkscales, TSL is owned by Shadow League Digital a multi-platform content creation company.

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