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Accident coach between Montreal and New York: the person who died was Canadian

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The crash occurred at 12:43 p.m. on the Adirondack Northway, also known as Highway 87, according to New York State Police.

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A passenger involved in the bus accident which left one dead on Friday during his journey between Montreal and New York is still in critical condition. On Saturday afternoon, Global Affairs Canada confirmed that this person as well as the passenger who died on Friday are Canadian citizens.

The causes of the accident remain unknown.

Currently, one person is still hospitalized with serious injuries. She was airlifted to the Albany Trauma Center. She is of Canadian nationality, confirmed Global Affairs Canada.

Saturday afternoon, another Canadian who had minor injuries was released from Glens Falls Hospital .

New York State Police confirm 11 of the passengers were uninjured. The other passengers suffered injuries but there is no concern for their lives.

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The accident took place in Lake George, near Warrensburg, New York.

Most of the 23 people on board the The buses were Canadian and spoke French. Two passengers are said to be Swiss nationals and to have planned to return to Switzerland on Saturday evening. An interpreter was on site to facilitate communications.

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Eight passengers are said to have returned to New York on Friday after- noon.

The FlixBus company, which belongs to the German company Flix, indicates that it does not want to comment on the nationality or identity of the passengers or the driver.

The bus overturned on the side of the road.

The Fort William Henry Hotel hosted passengers and their families free of charge. The hotel indicated to Radio-Canada that all the people welcomed had left the premises and that these people were not all going to New York.

Mental health resources were also dispatched to the scene. According to Mike Tripodi, spokesperson for the Red Cross, passenger morale seemed good.

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The FlixBus coach was heading south from Montreal and was carrying 23 people, including the driver.

The bus did not He hasn't been on the highway since Friday evening. Traffic has resumed normally.

New York State Police are currently investigating. Some people reported that the roadway was not very slippery at the time of the accident.

I crossed this section of the highway about an hour before the accident and it was not covered in snow or of ice.

A quote from Don Lehman, Director of Public Affairs for Warren County, New York

Messages of support from the political class have multiplied since yesterday. New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer responded to the situation. I-87. I want to thank our brave first responders on scene and I pray for everyone affected, he wrote Friday afternoon on the social network 4 hnvfyV”>With information from TheCanadian Press, Elyse Allard,Stella Dupuy andCharlotte Dumoulin

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