Buryats, Ossetians and Kadyrovites: in Melitopol the number of “tourists” already prevails over the locals

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Buryats, Ossetians and Kadyrovtsy: in Melitopol the number of < p>Photo: Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine   

The number of foreign “tourists” is growing in the occupied Melitopol, Zaporozhye region; — Russians, Buryats, Ossetians, Kadyrovites.

The Mayor Ivan Fedorov announced this on his Telegram page.

He noted that the number of new settlers exceeded the number of local residents forced to remain in the occupation .

"“Foreigners” they want to seem like their own people so much that they even use Ukrainian symbols: they hung a Ukrainian flag on KamAZ trucks and went north of Melitopol towards Vasilyevka, settled next door to civilians in the housing of people who left the occupation, dressed in civilian clothes and eavesdrop on conversations on the streets, moved from trucks to cars with Ukrainian license plates", — writes the mayor.

In addition, according to him, they transport the military in school buses with the inscription “children”.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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