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mW Fa Bundesliga: 1. FC Union Berlin – FC Schalke 04: All highlights in the live ticker - The Times Hub

Bundesliga: 1. FC Union Berlin – FC Schalke 04: All highlights in the live ticker

Bundesliga: 1. FC Union Berlin – FC Schalke 04: All highlights in the live ticker

35. MinuteFrom a good 20 meters, Christian Gentner takes the ball directly with his right foot, hits the playing device with the full span and shoots just past the right post.

34. MinuteWilliam comes too late against Florian Hübner, hits him on the right shin and sees his first yellow card of the current season for this entry.

32. Minute The n the Köpenickers step out of the game again. Joel Pohjanpalo appears in the box on the left, hooks a hook to the middle and sticks to Malick Thiaw with his right-footed shot.

29. MinuteSchalke makes the game, attacks variably and tirelessly. And now the first goal closure succeeds – and not badly. From a central position and about 17 meters, Suat Serdar shoots just past the right corner of the goal with his right foot.

27. MinuteUnion now has a standard situation. Christopher Trimmel’s free kick sails high into the penalty area and is easily defended by Schalke.  The re is currently nothing more to see from the hosts.

26. MinuteSchalke makes a quick attack on the left. After a pass from Nabil Bentaleb, Matthew Hoppe penetrates the penalty area.  The  young striker seems to have too much time there, can’t make up his mind and ultimately gets stuck.

24. MinuteAmine Harit is now being led off the lawn. Game operations can be resumed. And about 20 seconds later, the midfielder is back again.

23. Minute The  clash between Harit and Robert Andrich was unfortunate, but caused an injury to Schalke, who needs treatment.

22. MinuteAmine Harit and Matthew Hoppe are suddenly in the opposing penalty area. But there is no such thing as a penalty-worthy situation.

20. MinuteOn the left, the squires get into the sixteenth. But there is no getting through there. Ultimately, Sead Kolasinac gets stuck.

18. MinuteIn the approach, the royal blues pull their attacks on very promising. In this phase, that even seems more structured than what Union is doing. At some point, however, the guests have to get it played to the end.

15. MinuteMeanwhile, Schalke are defensively good, hardly allow anything to the opponent. However, nothing is moving forward, because the Berliners have a well-stocked back team.

12. MinuteOnly now do the home side show another offensive action worth mentioning. From the half-left position Robert Andrich pulls off with his left foot.  The  long-range shot, however, is set too high.

11. MinuteAt the moment everything happens between the penalty areas. Union is now a little more occupied by the enemy, so the move forward is lost for the time being.

9. MinuteOnly now do the guests swim a little free, but don’t get any single-mindedness on the pitch.

6. MinuteUnion has now taken command.  The  iron make it into the penalty area repeatedly, where shortly after each other Joel Pohjanpalo and Niko Gießelmann fail to get their shots on goal.

4. MinuteSuddenly Taiwo Awoniyi has a free space on the half right in the penalty area, but does not place his right-foot shot enough and fails to Ralf Fährmann. This means that the first major opportunity remains unused.

Bundesliga: 1. FC Union Berlin – FC Schalke 04: All highlights in the live ticker

2. MinuteAfter a foul by Christopher Trimmel on Nabil Bentaleb, referee Daniel Schlager pulls out the yellow card early. Most assume that the trimmel applies.  The  addressee could also be Urs Fischer for complaining, because the foul was not worthy of yellow. For Trimmel it would be the seventh warning this season.

Bundesliga: 1. FC Union Berlin – FC Schalke 04: All highlights in the live ticker

1. Minute The  whistle has just sounded, the hosts toast. At three degrees below freezing point, there is no threat of precipitation from the clear sky.  The  lawn is in excellent shape.

Before the game startsShortly before the start of the game, we look at the team of referees. Daniel Schlager works at the pipe.  The  31-year-old referee is leading his 26th game in the Bundesliga. He is supported by the assistants Sven Waschitzki and Dr. Martin Thomsen. Christian Dietz is the fourth official.

Before the game startsHowever, the Berliners have not yet won a competitive game against Schalke – there have been four of them. Most recently there were two 1-1 draws in 2020 – including on the 4th matchday of the first half of the season. In addition, the Schalke home game last season went to the Royal Blues (2: 1). At the Alte Försterei, however, the miners could not yet win, because the cup game in 2001 was the final and that took place in Berlin, but of course in the Olympic Stadium – with the better end for Schalke (2-0).

Before the game startsUnion lost only one game at the Alte Försterei – and that at the beginning of the season against FC Augsburg (1: 3). Since then, the iron have been unbeaten nine home games, have won four and recorded 17 points.  The  last time there was a 1-1 draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach at the end of January.  The  Köpenicker lost their last Bundesliga game a week ago in Mainz with 0: 1.

Before the game startsA poor win of the season is on the books for the miners, which succeeded against Hoffenheim at the beginning of January (4-0).  The  negative series stopped at 30 Bundesliga games without a win. In the meantime, Schalke has started a new series, which has already been five matches without a threesome. Away, the Royal Blues only get three draws with 7:30 goals. One of the partial successes was achieved at the last guest appearance in Bremen at the end of January (1: 1). Across the seasons, they have been waiting for a win for 20 games abroad.  The  last one came in November 2019 in Bremen (2: 1). Last weekend, the Gelsenkirchen team lost 3-0 at home against RB Leipzig.

Before the game startsFrom a tabular point of view, the ninth receives the bottom light. A lush 21 points are between the two teams. Union has scored more than twice as many goals (34) and conceded less than half (25), and has the fourth best defense. Schalke, on the other hand, is by far the league’s shooting gallery (52 goals against) and is also the most harmless in the game together with Arminia Bielefeld (15 goals this season).

Before the game starts The re are four changes for the guests. For Matija Nastasic (calf problems), Omar Mascarell, Alessandro Schöpf (both bench) and Mark Uth (thigh injury), Timo Becker, Malick Thiaw, Suat Serdar and the once suspended and recently pardoned Nabil Bentaleb are allowed to play for Schalke from the start.

Before the game starts The re are three changes on the Köpenicker side compared to the last matchday. From now on, Loris Karius, who represents Andreas Luthe, will be in the gate because he will be out for an indefinite period of time due to an illness in his personal environment. In addition, instead of Nico Schlotterbeck (yellow-red lock) and Cedric Teuchert (bank), Florian Hübner and Joel Pohjanpalo will join the Berlin starting line-up.

Before the game startsFC Schalke 04 oppose this with the following line-up: Fährmann – Becker, Mustafi, Thiaw, Kolasinac – Stambouli, Serdar – William, Bentaleb, Harit – Hoppe.

Before the game startsRight at the beginning of our reporting, we are interested in the personal issues of the evening and above all in the team line-ups on both sides. 1. FC Union Berlin tackles today’s task with these eleven players: Karius – Friedrich, Knoche, Hübner – Trimmel, Gentner, Andrich, Ingvartsen, Gießelmann – Awoniyi, Pohjanpalo.

Before the game startsWelcome to the Bundesliga for the 21st matchday between Union Berlin and FC Schalke 04.

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