Bulls win with deflected pitch, leave the Stars on the field

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  • Bulls win with deflected pitch, leave the Stars on the ground

    Members of the Bulls celebrate after the victory over the Estrellas Orientales on Saturday night.

Julio Tehran came back to life. In order to shine in the box, Jesús Sánchez hit a home run and Rodolfo Castro scored the second goal. from third base on a wild pitch the winning run, and the Toros del Este prevailed at home 3-2, leaving the Estrellas Orientales lying on the field.

With the bases loaded in the ninth episode, the right-hander Román Méndez launched a ball. a “wild pitch” when Alen Hanson was batting and Rodolfo Castro scored. from third what was the third victory in the last four games for the bullfighting troop.

The win brings the Toros within just a half game of fourth place in the qualifying round and they are left alone in fifth position, one game ahead of the scarlets.

Toros starter Julio Teherán, He had another great job throwing 6 scoreless innings, one hit, no walks and 6 strikeouts, facing an over-minimum batter.

Then in the seventh, with a triple and double followed by Alfredo Reyes and Edward Olivares, respectively, to tie the actions against reliever Alfredo Simón.

Won left-handed reliever Fernando Abad (1-0, 0.00); William Jerez (0-1, 7.36) charged the ball. with the loss.

For the Bulls, Jesús Sánchez went 3-for-5, home run, two RBIs, one scored; Yamaico Navarro 4-2; Cristhian Adames 3-1, double and Rodolfo Castro 5-1 with two runs scored.

For the Stars, Edward Olivares 4-1, double and an RBI; Alfredo Reyes 2-1, triple and scored and Gustavo Núñez 3-1.

Los Toros return the visit this Sunday to the Stars, right-hander Ronald Bolaños will be the winner. the opener starting at 5:00 PM at the Tételo Vargas Stadium, will face to Shaun Anderson.

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