Built-in the Windows game “solitaire” was 30 years old

Exactly 30 years ago, users of the Windows operating system was first able to play a game of solitaire solitaire (Solitaire). The game first appeared in the product from Microsoft in version 3.0.

Встроенной в Windows игре "Косынка" исполнилось 30 лет

At the moment, “Klondike” is known for a very large number of people. Presumably, it on their monitors at different times, managed to play 1 billion people. It is known, the solitaire game included in the package operating systems of different generations in two decades. There he is already 30 years old. Not many people know that at the time this product was not only entertaining function, but was also a training program. With the release of Windows 3.0, OS offered users a new interface that appeared first on Windows and later model years, the interface and file management. To teach people to effectively use the mouse and keyboard refuse water teams of programmers specifically added card game in the library. Many playing it, didn’t realize that it’s actually a simulator, through which they learn to use the new capabilities of computers.

“Klondike” appeared in most Microsoft operating systems. It ceased to be added to the library installation of the driver only during the release of Windows 8. However, everyone has the ability now to download the product and play it.

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