Budget increases to 4,400 million euros

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  • Budget increases to 4.4 billion euros

    The photo shows the Olympic rings near the Trocadero square and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.< /p>

The Committee's Budget Organizer of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games should increase around 10%, that is, 400 million euros (411 million dollars), according to what the organizers reported on Tuesday.

At the end of a meeting of the committee Executive meeting, the organizers agreed to revise the budget, which will have to be approved. It will be ready for the board of directors meeting on December 12. 

10% of the 4,000 million euros (4,112 million dollars) of the 2021 budget, which is entirely private, it represents an increase of about 400 million euros, of which 200 are due to inflation. 

Therefore, the total budget should be about 4,400 million euros (4,524 million dollars).

"We are in the final phase of drawing up the budget," the financial director of the Committee of the Organization of the Olympic Games (OJO), Fabrice Lacroix, at a press conference after the meeting of the Olympic Games Committee. together with the OCOG director general, Etienne Thobois, and Antoine Gobelet, director of the cabinet of the Minister of Sports and Olympic Games. 

A few weeks after the outbreak of the war in the Ukraine, the chairman of the committee of the The organizer, Tony Estanguet, had warned that the budget would be affected by the general increase in prices. 

As for sponsorships, which represent a third of the OCOJ's income, The objective of raising 80% of the 1,100 million euros (1,100 million dollars) planned has been achieved, assured the company. The organized entity said. 

"We have achieved it, ahead of schedule, and we hope to surpass 90% in the next few weeks," they said. 

Also They indicated, without giving figures, that revenue from ticket sales, which also represents a third of their revenue, will be higher than expected, according to their latest estimates. 

Revenue from ticket sales amounts to 1,265 million euros (1,300 million dollars) in the 2021 budget. It is made up of a contribution from the IOC (International Olympic Committee). 

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