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Budanov spoke about the terrorist attack that Russians were aware of

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar28,2024

Budanov Rosov, Yaki Buv Vidomius Rosіyans

Erivnik GUR MO Kirilo Budanov, saying & nbsp; at the Third International Forum on Strategic Communications, that Russians were aware of the preparation of a terrorist attack in the Crocus shopping center near Moscow.

“At a minimum, on February 15, 2024, the Russian Federation knew about the preparation. I’ll tell you more, this information passed through various intelligence departments in Syria. From the start she went to Moscow. “Don’t let the Cossacks tell you that everything materialized in splendid fashion,” Budanov said.

He added that Russia knew the signs of military groups coming, across the two sides of the stink moved to the territory of the aggressor power.

“Why did they allow the stink to happen? There are so many options.” Pershe – tse, as they have accepted, the fight is “vezh”, or at once to remove a bunch of high-powered Sadovites. Another option is that they really underestimated the scale of what would happen. “We thought that it would be more local, and wanted to call in the whole Ukraine,” – letting go of the intelligence service.

It is significant that the Kremlin has already three times changed versions of what happened in the Moscow region "crocus siti" ;, trying to weave the name “Ukrainian trace” into the terrorist attack.

“The explanations of Patrushev and Bortnikov appeared, who called me out especially and that Ukraine destroyed everything. This is not true. “Before the speech, if we are stuck with this sick food, if we don’t want it, otherwise I don’t praise, in principle, terrorist acts against civilians,” said Budanov.

The chief of the Ukrainian intelligence service added that Russia itself has wreaked havoc i self-importantly respected that nothing could be controlled.

“It’s such a steely expression, it’s true. There, in the middle of the special services, they are still functioning: they are trying to create control chaos. Absolutely all major organizations tried to work at different times. The first axiom is that each of them could not gain control. The same

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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