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Bruno Marchand will be a candidate in 2025

Mayor Bruno Marchand is in an interview with Radio-Canada journalist Olivier Lemieux.

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Bruno Marchand intends to run for a second term in the next municipal elections. The holiday break allowed him to recharge his batteries and, above all, to digest the failure of the tram project.

I am motivated and mobilized, enthuses the mayor of Quebec in an interview with Radio-Canada. I think I still have a lot to contribute.

Even if his leadership was seriously shaken by the suspension of the tram project by the Legault government, Bruno Marchand swears that he still has the desire to fight to advance his ideas.

I will be a candidate in 2025 with all my passion, my determination and my deep love for this city and its citizens.

A quote from Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

Smiling, Bruno Marchand adds that his team returned to work with fire behind them at the beginning of January.

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Bruno Marchand was elected mayor of Quebec at the last minute on November 7, 2021 after an evening full of twists and turns.

One ​​thing is certain, his second year in power will have marked the end of a honeymoon that seemed to drag on with the citizens of Quebec.

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Accused of wanting to wage war on the car by opinion radio, Bruno Marchand notes that he has paid a political price by supporting the tramway against all odds.

I think the answer is yes, he admits, before adding that the last few months have also demonstrated the solidity of his convictions.

This is the best proof that I do not go into politics thinking about my re-election.

A quote from Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

Moreover, Bruno Marchand remains convinced that Quebec must take the turn towards sustainable mobility now, because the rate of increase in the automobile fleet would no longer be sustainable.

People expect us to think about it in advance , before there are more traffic jams!, he gets carried away.

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Bruno Marchand says he is ready to collaborate with the CAQ government on major projects.

Mayor Marchand believes that the burden of proposing a better project now rests on the shoulders of the Legault government, which commissioned an analysis of mobility issues for the month of June at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ).

For its part, the City plans to continue the expansion of Flexibus and àVélo services. Work on a new cycle section between Charlesbourg and the city center will be launched this summer.

As for the corridor on Chemin Sainte-Foy, the mayor has not changed his mind on the need to extend it.

Last summer, up to 2000 cyclists used it on a daily basis to circulate in the Upper Town.

We're going to do it in a measured way, but yes, we're going to respond to a lot of customers who want to get around in a different way.

A quote from Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

About 80% of public space is dedicated to cars, says Bruno Marchand. We are not yet at 1% for bicycles.

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The new cycle corridor on Chemin Sainte-Foy. (File photo)

Bruno Marchand says he is still ready to collaborate in the future with the CAQ government, but refuses to wait idly.

People are tired of hear about the tramway because it's just scraping by. We have to build our city, he gets impatient.

In this regard, however, he is not considering major projects to fill the void left by the tram.

In the coming years, we will mourn this, specifies the mayor. We make choices.

In a difficult economic context, he says he is very proud of having been able to limit the increase in the residential tax bill to 3, 9% in 2024 while continuing to reduce the municipal debt.

It's an extraordinary success, he underlines.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">The City intends to invest within its means to improve leisure infrastructure in the neighborhoods.

Bruno Marchand recalls that a first covered refrigerated ice rink will be built in Victoria Park in the coming months and that a second similar infrastructure is planned in the north of Charlesbourg from 2025.

We are going to be close, we will be in your neighborhoods, he promises citizens.

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