Bruce Lee: rebound in the death of the legend, here are the real reasons for his death

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A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the this artificial intelligence (AI) which made it possible to discover what these celebrities would look like if they were still alive, thanks to; a specialized Turkish artist in staging and photography. It was in particular the opportunity to see at what Bruce Lee might look like, almost 50 years after his death. And indeed, a recently published report brought new elements concerning the causes of the death of the legend of the martial arts strong>.

Bruce Lee: twist in the death of the legend, here are the real reasons for his death

“be water”, but not too much?

Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973, only at the age of 18. 32 years old. Nicknamed “the Little Dragon”, the Sino-American actor made himself known to the general public thanks to films like The Big Boss (1971) or The Fury of Victory (1972). It will then be considered; as the greatest martial arts master of 20th century world cinema, thus having paved the way for other martial arts film actors of all backgrounds, ranging from Jackie Chan & A. Chuck Norris, passing by Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme or Wesley Snipes. His premature death will be one of the elements that will contribute to make him into film and martial arts legend.

And precisely,the abrupt nature of Lee’s death has long been the subject of all sorts of speculation. statements, with some fans even speculating that the star had been murdered. As reported by Variety, a book titled; Bruce Lee: A Life, released in 2018, also suggested; that the star had died of heat exhaustion. But a recent study seems to provide new hypotheses that could perhaps help to better understand this tragedy.

Bruce Lee: twist in the death of the legend, here are the real reasons for his death

Published in the December 2022 edition of the Clinical Kidney Journal by a group of kidney specialists located in in Spain,the study suggests that Lee's death was caused by an “inability of his kidneys to expel excess water”. At the time of his death, the doctors had arrived at the conclusion that the actor had died to a brain edema. But recent research on the subject suggests that he actually has it. been victim of hyponatremia, thus designating an abnormally low concentration of sodium in the blood, which may in particular be caused by an excess of water in relation to sodium.

We hypothesize that Bruce Lee died of a specific form of kidney dysfunction. The actor had to to be unable to to excrete enough water through their urine to maintain homeostasis, fluid regulation. This can lead to hyponatremia, a cerebral edema and death in a few hours if the excessive intake of water is not compensated; by the excretion of water in the urine.

É that hyponatremia is common, as seen in up to 40% of hospitalized people, and that it can lead to death by excessive water ingestion, even in healthy young people, there is a need to spread more widely the concept that excessive water ingestion can kill.

Bruce Lee: twist in the death of the legend, here are the real reasons for his death ;s

However,other factors may also have played a role. a role in premature death of the actor, among which we find in particular his regular consumption of marijuana, which can thus have an effect on his thirst. But it would also appear that Lee was on a diet that was mostly fat-free. liquid-based, consuming plenty of fruit juice and water.

Finally, Lee's kidney dysfunctions could also be explained by his/her medical history, in the sense that the actor was taking certain prescription medications, and that he had also had health problems; in the kidneys a few months before his death, greatly weakening his organs. ” alt=”Bruce Lee: twist in the death of the legend, here are the real reasons for his death” />

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