Brother of the prisoner Al-Zubaidi Al-Mayadeen: We are waiting for reassurance on Zakaria’s health after his health condition deteriorates

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Yahya al-Zubaidi, brother of prisoner Zakaria, told Al-Mayadeen that “the prisoner Zakaria suffers from a difficult health condition due to previous injuries, and he was recently beaten,” and confirms that “there is an Israeli blackout on the prisoner’s health condition.”

  • Yahya Al-Zubaidi, brother of the prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi: The occupation forces prevent the four prisoners from meeting with lawyers

Yahya Al-Zubaidi, brother of the prisoner Zakaria, said: للميادين The latter “is suffering from a difficult health condition due to previous injuries and being beaten recently.”

In the details, Al-Zubaidi explained that “there is a deterioration in Zakaria’s health condition, due to the old injury to his face with a mortar shell, and he has a broken leg, and bruises in his body,” adding that “we do not know the severity of the injury to his face in the jaw.”

The prisoner’s brother indicated that his family received news this morning that the occupation had transferred Zakaria to Rambam Hospital, and journalists and lawyers went there, and the hospital denied his presence, then the occupation returned to say that Zakaria was transferred to Hadassah Hospital, and also the hospital denied, where Al-Zubaidi confirmed that “There is a blackout on his brother’s health.”

Al-Zubaidi stressed that “we are waiting for reassurance on the prisoner’s health from official bodies, not from the occupation,” noting that “the occupation forces prevent the four prisoners from meeting with lawyers.”

Earlier today, Israeli media reported, Transferring the prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi To Rambam Hospital for treatment, about a day after he was re-arrested following his liberation from Gilboa detention center.

The defense lawyer for the arrested prisoners said in an interview with fields The “transfer .” Al-Zubaidi prisoner The treatment came after he was beaten, which led to a fracture under his left eye,” noting that “Al-Zubaidi suffers from many health problems as a result of being shot more than once in the past.”

And yesterday, Saturday, the Central Occupation Court decided Extending the detention of the four prisoners Until next Sunday, and prevented them from meeting with their defense lawyer.

In a related context, uncle all-out strikeToday, Saturday, Jenin Governorate, in response to the call of the national and Islamic forces for solidarity with the liberators of Gilboa prison, who have been re-arrested.

Jenin residents responded fully to the calls to strike, so shops, educational and official institutions were closed, while traffic was relatively paralyzed, and the streets seemed almost empty.

Israeli media had reported that the occupation forces had arrested two other prisoners released from Gilboa Prison in the Al-Tur area, at dawn yesterday, Saturday. Zakaria Al-Zubaidi and Muhammad ArdahA day after the re-arrest of Mahmoud Ardah and Yaqoub Qadri.

Six prisoners from Gilboa Prison, the most fortified Israeli prison, had They managed to escape from prison Last Monday, the Israeli forces are still searching for two of them, namely Ayham Kammaji and Munadel Yaqoub Nafeat.

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