Britni Spirs in a red swimsuit enchanted fans

Britni Spirs in a red swimsuit enchanted fans

British Spears enchanted fans in a red swimsuit

collapse under the love of the song. 40-row American match took for the dances at the door.

Vikonavitsya hit Toxic stood in front of shanuvalniks from the chosen hair and in a red leotard with ties at the waist. The Grammys lady completed her look with brown high-heeled shoes.

Spears demonstrated the opposite choreographic skills. Spivechka took herself on video at the home dance hall. Zirka mentioned the song Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still and began to collapse smoothly. Ignorantly on the high ground, on which it is important for a great life to show someone, Britni professionally trimmed.

Spears vociferated that she had already shown her video to her fans earlier. But the past time, the star has played another composition. Britni has now released the original recording.

zero. “Yes, Brittany! You are beautiful!”, “Dance smartly”, “The hour has come to open the air cabaret”, “Sexy ruhi, our queen”, “Show us everything you know! We love you”, “We were messing around with your sex dances,” fans commented.

British Spears in a red swimsuit enchanted the fans

Navi's close friend Britnia was not left out. Paris Hilton was honored to dance Spirs. “It's hotter!” – respected the Svіtskaya levytsya.