A birthday celebration without her starring role and a message for Jamie Lynn Spears sparked concern among her followers

 Britney Spears returned to Instagram with a mysterious photo amid speculation

Britney Spears returned to Instagram, but gave no information about her health or the reasons behind the closure of her account (Instagram screenshot/@ britneyspears)

Britney Spears returned to Instagram amid all the speculation from her fans, who on social media described the singer's latest posts on social media as disturbing and worrying. her profile.

The princess of popkept your account inactive for at least two days after December 6. An enigmatic photograph of Coco Chanel marked Britney's return to this social network, in which she has more than 41 million followers.

“ Who is talking behind my back?Jesus Christ! I think I'm scared to turn back. God I love you all,” she wrote on December 8. It should be noted that this image is no longer available on her profile, as it was deleted after almost an hour without explanation.

Britney Spears returned to Instagram with a mysterious photo amid speculation < /p>This is the image she returned to Instagram with, featuring Coco Chanel (Instagram screenshot/@britneyspears)

During the time that the image of Coco Chanel was available on the singer's profile, messages such as “This account is owned by Sam” could be read, that is, the singer's husband and even “Where is the REAL Britney?”, “Stop playing the game and go live on Instagram” and “We know someone has their account hijacked”.

It should be noted that a while ago , Britney Spears placed “Chanel 8”as her Instagram name instead of using her own, since then she let it be seen that the famous French designer is an admiration model for her, but there are some fans who assured that it would be something deeper.

And it is that in her publication, Britney did not clarify if her health was in order, if she lost access to her account, if she suffered any hacking, if she went through a difficult time emotionally or if it was simply a strategy to release a song. She just reactivated her account and launched a message which she deleted almost immediately.

 Britney Spears returned to Instagram with a mysterious photo amid speculation

The pop singer's Instagram became available again on December 8 (Screenshot Instagram/@britneyspears)

What were Britney Spears's last posts before closing her Instagram account

The trigger for the concern for the iconic artist was unleashed on her birthday, because in a recording only her husband Sam Asghari appeared talking about everyday life with his partner and he barely spoke to say “Yes honey” with voice in low volume, so many thought it was just a recording.

In social networks, some people assured that this behavior is alien to the characteristic charisma and desire for prominence of the interpreterHold me closer. His most loyal followers was a post by Britney to her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears (star of the Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101)

In her message — which is still available on Instagram — the singer wrote that despite their estrangement and open rivalry, her 41st birthday had made her think of her, and she also congratulated her on her projects.

“It's my birthday but you are my heart, I've been thinking about you, congratulations for being so brave, inspiring and showing guts and glory on your show. You are not alone, if anyone knows what it feels like, it's me. My little sister! I love you! ”, she wrote to him.

 Britney Spears returned to Instagram with a mysterious photo amid speculation

Despite being called "psychotic," Britney sent a sweet message to her sister during her celebration (screenshot)

According to the opinion of her fans, this would not be an expected attitude for the singer either, who a few months ago was celebrating one year after the end of the guardianship of her father, James Parnell Spears. In various interviews, Jamie Lynn described Britney's behavior as “psychotic”, in addition to the fact that she released a book entitled Things I should have said, in which she mentioned various private issues of her family.

On the other hand, Britney also published some unpublished photographs of her children and was even seen with a bridal veil, assuring that “she had married herself”.

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A post shared by Channel 8 (@britneyspears)

The most observant fans of the Toxic interpreter noticed that the most recent publications are from her previous home, so they assured that perhaps the famous woman is not in the physical space from where Your account photos and videos are being uploaded. This last aspect could be denied because she is still the owner of both homes.

All these aspects made people start to create all kinds of ideas on social networks, from the possibility of that Britney Spears had passed away until the fact that her relatives once again had control over her life. The only constant is to point out that the singer gave several signs that “something” was “out of control”.


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