British woman marries prisoner serving 20-year sentence

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British woman marries 20-year prisoner

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British woman married a prisoner serving a 20-year sentence, writes Daily Mail.

31-year-old Gemma Vasquez from Glasgow met Leonel through his mother, who teaches Spanish language. A Washington D.C. man was sentenced to a 20-year prison term in 2011, but he hopes to be released in the next four years for good behavior.

After correspondence, Gemma flew to  Leonel in & nbsp; Virginia, where the prison is located. She stayed in the USA for more than a month, and she was allowed to see a man only three hours a week.           we were allowed to see a man for a week. We both love 90s music and  we share the same favorite movies", — Vasquez said.

Three months after the first meeting, Leonel proposed to Gemma by mailing an engagement ring. The groom organized the wedding ceremony in the dating room —  the process was observed by two prison guards.

"I really wanted someone to truly love me for who I am. But I kept thinking: “Why would anyone need me?” — a man shared his emotions.

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