British woman earns $31,000 by passing 150 driving tests for other people

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British woman earns $31,000 by passing 150 driving tests for other people

Photo: Swansea Crown Court

A resident of Wales earned $31,000 by passing 150 driving tests for other people, writes LADBible. True, the woman received a prison term for such entrepreneurship.

According to media reports, the woman's name is Injerit Kauru. For their services, she took about $800 and operated from 2018 to 2020. As a rule, the Welshwoman was approached by those who had difficulties with English. After the employees of the traffic test centers began to recognize her, the police became interested in the case.

The woman was arrested and charged with fraud. According to the court decision, Injerit must pay a $30,000 fine. In addition, Kaura was sentenced to four months in prison, but if she does not pay the required amount of the fine, she will have to spend a year in prison.

< em>“Ingerit's crimes put innocent road users at risk by allowing unskilled and dangerous motorists to have seemingly legal driver's licenses”, — said in the statement.

Previously, BAGNET reported on a man earning a living by admitting to violating traffic rules for other people.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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