British tuning studio showed full Daewoo Matiz with 3-liter V6

British tuning studio showed full Daewoo Matiz with 3-liter V6

British tuning studio showed perfect Daewoo Matiz with 3-liter V6

Small cars built to show amazing results on the road for advanced training.

Tuning projects for BMW, Mercedes and Audi have already come across as unabashed. For the same reason, the British company Powercrazy Motorsports has decided to upgrade the miniature Daewoo Matiz 1999 release. Replacement of a standard engine for 52 k.s. under the hood of the car, a 3-liter X30XE V6 appeared, which was previously installed on the Opel Omega. After replacing the engine, the stiffness of the car increased to 190 k.s.

The dvigun itself in Matiz can also be consumed not in a stock state. So, having removed the polished cylinder head, rose the underside of the shaft with a high peak and modified the intake manifold of the Chevrolet Cavalier V6. Also here they installed the crankcase Opel Vectra V6. Together with the engine, I happened to remember the box and now under the hood of the “baby” there is a 5-speed manual Getrag F20 in the F18 case with a flywheel overlooking the Opel Astra GTE and the Fast Road clutches.

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For such signs of tightness and a strong tightening of the front part, the car could not do without additional support. Now, in front of the new one, there is a galma like Mistubishi Lancer Evo 6, and the wheels are like Focus RS. Behind the authors of the project, they decided to save the regular drum galma. The road clearance was changed by 4 cm for the spax springs in the suspension.