British military helicopters start arriving in Estonia

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British military helicopters have started arriving in Estonia


The United Kingdom presented Chinook military helicopters at Emari Air Base near Tallinn which arrived in Estonia over last weekend, the Estonian broadcaster ERR reports with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

It is reported that the delivery helicopters to Estonia was agreed at the meeting of the Minister of Defense of Estonia Hanno Pevkur and the Minister of Defense of Great Britain Ben Wallace 8 November 2022  This batch of Chinook and Apache helicopters that arrived in Estonia was the first, the agency clarifies.

Head of the Estonian Ministry of Defense Hanno Pevkur noted that the arrival of helicopters in Estonia exactly corresponds to the agreement with the British. In March, another batch of Apache attack helicopters will arrive in Estonia, in April — Typhoon fighters, and in May in the exercise "Spring Storm" an additional British battle group will take part, writes ERR.

The Chinook helicopter (CH-47) is primarily used for transporting troops and equipment, it is also equipped with two 7.62 mm M134 machine guns and one M60D machine gun of the same caliber.

Earlier, BAGNET learned that NATO AWACS aircraft had arrived in Romania to monitor military aircraft on the eastern flank.

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