British Intelligence revealed that Putin sends soldiers with minimal or no training to the battlefield in Ukraine

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The latest report from the UK Ministry of Defense warns that Russia faces serious difficulties in training new recruits

British Intelligence revealed that Putin sends to the battlefield battle in Ukraine to soldiers with minimal or no training

Ukrainian servicemen disassemble a cannon from an armored fighting vehicle for cleaning, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, at a frontline in the Mykolaiv region, Ukraine November 4, 2022. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

The British Ministry of Defense pointed out that the latest intelligence reports from its country indicate that Russia is facing serious difficulties in training the soldiers recruited in the last partial mobilization and the annual autumn recruitment.

According to the official Twitter account, the Russian Armed Forces were already in an extreme situation before these latest recruitments, providing training to the 300,000 troops of the announced partial mobilization in mid-September.

British Intelligence estimates that these serious problems will be aggravated in the coming days by the autumn recruitment that began on November 1 with which they hope to gather some 12,000 additional troops.

For They point out that recently recruited soldiers are likely to go to the battlefield with little or no training. As the large volume of new recruits is compounded by the fact that many experienced officers and trainers they have died in the conflict when they were assigned to Ukraine.

Furthermore, they have reported that Russian troops are carrying out training in Belarusdue to the lack of training personnel, ammunition and facilities in Russia. The Ministry concludes at the end of the evaluation that the deployment of forces with little training provides little additional capacity for offensive combat, so Russia would be weakened.

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Training more than brief

In mid-October, three Russian military correspondents, although known for their support for the offensive in Ukraine, published the story of the mobilized of the 27th motorized brigade.

These men, mobilized mostly in the Moscow region, “trained only twice between September 23 and October 3” before being sent to the front, where they suffered heavy losses, according to Anastasia Kashevarova, one of the journalists.

Deployed in the Lugansk region (eastern Ukraine), annexed in September by Moscow, “they found themselves under fire crossed by their own artillery and that of the enemies,” according to the correspondent.

The armored vehicle, one of the modern Russian T-80 main battle tanks, was driving along a dirt road bordered by wooded areas

This information was confirmed anonymously to AFP by a close friend of one of the mobilized survivors.

In fact, the Kremlin had to admit that they occurred “ errors” during mobilization, with cases of recruits suffering from serious illnesses, over the legal age or parents of young children.

Nearly 10,000 people mobilized by mistake were returned to their homes, according to the head of the committee of the lower house of Parliament for Defense, Andrei Kartapolov.

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Relatives of Russian reservists called up to fight in Ukraine, sent to the front without adequate training and forced to buy their own equipment, denounced the chaos” of the mobilization decreed by the Kremlin.

“We were forced to buy the uniforms, equipment and medicines. The training was complete chaos, everything was very poorly organized,” Tatiana, whose nephew was mobilized in early October in Krasnogorsk, northwest of Moscow, told AFP. “It would seem that the decision to mobilize was made suddenly and that nobody was ready,” adds the woman, who prefers to keep her last name to herself for fear of reprisals, in a country where those who criticize the army risk going to jail.

Anna, a woman from Ivanteyevka, northeast of Moscow, is still shocked by her son-in-law's mobilization. They both have family inUkraine. “Our loved ones are under bombs in Dnipro and he will have to go kill people in our native country,” he says, on the verge of tears.

“He is against the war. But he has no choice: it's the front or the jail”, she adds.

Shortly before the mobilization, Russian deputies toughened the punishments. Those mobilized who refuse to go to fight face up to ten years in prison.

According to Anna, her son-in-law spent nearly 100,000 rubles (about $1,600) -that is, , seven times the Russian minimum wage – in bulletproof vests, uniforms, outerwear, boots and other equipment.

On social media, requests for donations to help called up to mobilize can buy this equipment, which in theory should be provided by the army.

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