British engineers have created the first tractor that runs on cow dung

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British engineers build first cow dung tractor

Photo: CNH Industrial

The first tractor powered by liquefied methane derived from cow dung was developed by the British agricultural company CNH Industrial in partnership with Bennamann, a company specializing in the production of methane energy products. This is reported by CNH Industrial.

A cryogenic tank installed on a tractor retains methane in liquid form at a temperature of -162 C. According to the creators, the tractor's power is 270 horsepower, and its performance — the same as for diesel tractors. In addition, the tractor can be refueled directly in the field, which saves time during the busy agricultural season.

The tractor was tested on a farm in the county of Cornwall. Waste from more than a hundred cows was used to produce methane. In a year of testing, the farm's carbon footprint dropped from 2,500 to 500 metric tons.

The new approach makes agriculture more autonomous and sustainable, developers say. They expect that the widespread introduction of the technology will help to actively combat carbon dioxide emissions on a global scale.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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