Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

British Columbia launches its French language services policy

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British Columbia was the last province not to have a policy on French language services.


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The government of British Columbia announced on Friday the launch of its French language services policy. Until now, it was the only province not to have one.

On December 22, the provincial Minister of Health and Francophone Affairs, Adrian Dix, announced that British Columbia would adopt a policy on French-language services before January 15 or 16. It is now done.

The French language services policy aims to make services to the Francophone population more accessible so that its members can be fully active in their community, their workplace and their government while promoting their social, cultural and social well-being. economic, supports the province.

If we do not yet know the sectors which will be precisely affected by the policy when it comes into force, the 1st April, this applies to ministries whose mandates correspond to priority sectors for Francophones in British Columbia, indicates the government.

The affected ministries will have to engage in consultation and exchanges with Francophones to determine what these priority sectors are.

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