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sm Lu British and Irish Lions: Rugby Australia presents monetary assurances over transferring summer time tour | Rugby Union Information - The Times Hub

British and Irish Lions: Rugby Australia presents monetary assurances over transferring summer time tour | Rugby Union Information

British and Irish Lions: Rugby Australia presents monetary assurances over transferring summer time tour | Rugby Union Information

British and Irish Lions scheduled to tour South Africa in summer time, however coronavirus means video games would doubtless be performed with out followers; Rugby Australia has supplied to host tour, with potential for stadiums to be full; Lions additionally in talks with British Authorities over a ‘residence’ tour

Final Up to date: 25/02/21 11:37am

British and Irish Lions: Rugby Australia presents monetary assurances over transferring summer time tour | Rugby Union Information

The British and Irish Lions might be taking part in South Africa in Australia this yr

Rugby Australia has supplied the British and Irish Lions monetary ensures to cowl potential losses ought to they comply with transfer this summer time’s tour Down Below.

The Lions are scheduled to journey to South Africa for an eight-match tour in July and August, which incorporates three Exams towards the world champions.

Nonetheless, the coronavirus state of affairs in South Africa means the matches would doubtless should happen behind closed doorways, whereas the gamers could be anticipated to reside in bio-secure bubbles.

That led Rugby Australia to make a proposal final month to stage the tour, with all proceeds going to the Lions and South Africa as soon as the host nation’s prices had been coated.

Australia has had better success containing coronavirus and would provide the possibility for the video games to be performed in entrance of spectators, as was the case in the course of the Tri-Nations match on the finish of 2020.

Nonetheless, the price of relocating the tour and the potential for native lockdowns to power occasions to happen behind closed doorways – as occurred throughout this month’s Australian Open – leading to cancelled tickets was a stumbling block.

The Lions are determined to not lose cash from this yr’s tour and, whereas Rugby Australia has not supplied to completely underwrite it ought to it’s performed there, its newest provide might go some strategy to assuaging considerations.

An alternative choice for the Lions is to host a ‘residence’ tour – a prospect that was boosted by the information this week that followers might fill stadiums within the UK from late-June – and they’re at present in discussions with the UK Authorities over underwriting the tour.

A call is predicted on the host nation in March.

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require([‘skysports_digrev’, ‘sdc-site-pub-sub’], function (appController, pubsub) ;


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