Britain made life difficult for Russian oilmen

Britain made life difficult for Russian oilmen

  sanctions related to the export of goods and technologies of the oil refining and aviation industries, as well as the use of the pound sterling and EU banknotes in the Russian Federation.

According to the EP, we are talking about a ban on the export, supply and delivery of goods and technologies related to the chemical and biological weapons, the maritime sector and the oil refining industry, as well as the export or use in Russia of aviation fuel and fuel additives.

Currency restrictions provide for a ban on the export to Russia or use in Russia of banknotes of pounds sterling or EU currencies, as well as a ban on the provision, supply or delivery of such banknotes to persons associated with Russia.

It is noted that some restrictions also apply to territories not controlled by the government of Ukraine.

Britain also prohibits the import, the purchase or delivery of certain “profitable” goods originating in Russia or shipped from Russia.

The Russian Federation will also be prohibited from call for technical assistance, financial and brokerage services related to the import of iron and steel.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich