Brilliant game of Neymar, Messi and Mbappé in the French league.

Brilliant game of Neymar, Messi and Mbappé in the French league.

Without serious rivals in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain took their third walk of the season against Lille (1-7), unable to stop the gale of the team led by Chritophe Galtier boosted the good health of the Messi-Mbappé-Neymar trident, scorer of six of the seven goals for the Parisian side.

It seems that the coach of Paris Saint-Germain, who proclaimed Lille champion two seasons ago, has found the key. You can now recite his lineups. Except for his team's debut against Clermont in which Sarabia substituted for the injured Mbappé, his elevens have been exactly the same.

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Lille, a rival with some historical relevance, could have been the The first litmus test for PSG, who after beating Clermont 0-5 and Montpellier 5-2, expected a little more resistance at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium. However, he found the opposite.

Just eight seconds to take advantage

Any hint of standing up to the almighty club chaired by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi collapsed in just eight seconds. That is the time it took
Mbappé to open the scoring. His team took a center kick and, after two touches, Messi received the ball, caressed it and from the center of the field sent a majestic pass to his teammate.

Mbappé, only against Jardim, bet and triumphed with a subtle Vaseline to equal the record of Michel Rio, who in 1992, when he scored a goal for Caen at Cannes, established that record as the fastest in the history of Ligue 1.

With that start, Lille no longer had to do. Just pray that PSG's steamroller doesn't run over him. His prayers fell on deaf ears.

This season, PSG seem to enjoy the ambition and luck that they lacked last year with Pochettino on the bench. Around this time a year ago, the French team had Messi out of shape and getting ready after arriving later for the Copa América; Sergio Ramos was injured; Neymar, like Messi, also arrived late; and Verratti, missed the first two days due to an injury that later returned in various sections of the course.

Now, everything works like clockwork. The pieces fit perfectly, there are no setbacks and PSG have started from the beginning with authority and without any “but” worth. And, from this, Messi has benefited, who dreams of fixing his erratic last season and taking revenge for not having entered the list of thirty eligible to win the Ballon d'Or.

After the pass to Mbappé, Messi scored his goal with one of his classic left-footed shots after a combination with Bruno Mendes that ended with the ball near the left post of Jardim's goal. His goal came after half an hour, after a carousel of opportunities from PSG that, before the break, closed the game with a goal from Achraf Hakimi after a pass from Neymar and another from the Brazilian after an assist from Messi.

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A second half as overwhelming as the first

With the clash resolved at halftime, the trident showed no mercy and continued with its own tasting. He did not take his foot off the accelerator and for the fifth, Mbappé showed off with a great feint that confused the entire Lille defense and ended with the ball at Neymar's feet. The Brazilian, at pleasure, did not forgive and sealed his double.

After two minutes, Bamba responded with an anecdotal goal for Lille that did not stop his rival's anxiety either.

 Brilliant game of Neymar, Messi and Mbappé in the French league.

The roller kept rolling at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium and Mbappé closed it out with two more goals, both to a pass from Neymar, with whom he frightened Europe with the numbers of an overwhelming trident.

In just three games, Mbappé has four goals, Messi three goals and the same number of assists and Neymar five goals and six assists. Shocking figures to fear a team that has no rival in France and is already the sole leader with nine points and two ahead of Marseille.
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