Brazil's NBA Park: Why do they call it the Disney of basketball fans?

Brazil's NBA Park: Why do they call it the Disney of basketball fans?

Next November, the NBA Park will open its doors in Brazil, the largest theme park outside the United States that will pay tribute to the league of world basketball stars with entertainment centers, courts, restaurants and exclusive and unpublished material.

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The NBA Park in Brazil: Why do they call it the Disney of basketball fans?

The NBA Park that will be in Gramado, Brazil. (Photo: Twitter)

The madness of the NBAarrives in South America and Brazil was the place chosen to host the NBA Park, a theme park never seen before. This space will give basketball fans the opportunity to live unique moments in a place dedicated to honoring the biggest league in this sport in the quest to assimilate the experiences of Disney theme parks.

This entertainment center will open its doors in November in a collaboration between the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Parque Basquete Brasil, a Brazilian operator of theme parks and entertainment attractions. The park will have more than 4,000 square meters in a three-story building and about 15 attractions for basketball fans.

The NBA Park will be located in Gramado, in the state of Rio Grande do Sulr, state in the extreme south of Brazil bordering Argentina and Uruguay. “The opening of the largest destination for NBA fans in the world in Gramado speaks to the momentum of basketball in Brazil and our commitment to offer our passionate fans from all over the country unique experiences”, announced the vice president licensing and retail of the NBA in Latin America, Sergio Perrella through a statement.

The NBA Park in Brazil: Why do they call it the Disney of basketball fans?

The courts that would be in the NBA Park. (Photo: Twitter)

The theme park will have, in addition to the attractions, basketball courts, interactive areas, exhibition halls, stations for video games, photo environments for social networks, cafes, restaurants, rooms for shows, special events and NBA-themed stores. . The NBA Park will have a special area to exhibit memorabilia from the NBA's historical legacy and art pieces inspired by the great moments and legends of basketball.

The center promises to have the most advanced technology, as well as a special area for the little ones at home with rides and shot-put machines. “The NBA transcends the game of basketball through fashion, lifestyle and pop culture, and NBA Park will bring these themes to life,” said the general director of National Parque Basquete Brasil, Jonas Ortiz.

The NBA Park in Brazil: why? Do they call him the Disney of basketball fans?

The dining room and restaurants that would be seen in NBA Park. (Photo: Twitter)

This theme park will have the capacity to receive approximately 3000 people per day. And 20,000 to 25,000 visitors per month are expected, depending on the expected forecasts. The project hopes to cause a stir in Latin America and bring sports lovers in general closer to basketball and, above all, generate greater interest in the NBA.