Brazil beat the United States in the number of new infections with coronavirus during the day

Brazil has surpassed the U.S. in number of new infections with coronavirus citizens per day. These data are presented to monitor the situation with the pandemic portal

Бразилия обошла США по числу новых заражений коронавирусом за сутки

For the last day in Brazil official confirmation received 24 thousand cases of infection. This ratio is even higher than that of antirecords pandemic United States. There over the same period of time to catch COVID-19 managed 22,6 thousand people. In other countries daily gains significantly lower than the “leaders”. For example, in Russia we are talking about 8 thousand in India — about 7 thousand, but in most States rate does not exceed 5 thousand.

The number of deaths in the championship too, for the United States and Brazil, where the day died more than a thousand patients. In recent time the growth of the pandemic observed in India, it has already entered the TOP 10 countries by number of infections, leaving behind Iran. All in all the world have confirmed of 5.9 thousands of cases of the coronavirus, died in that 360 thousand people.

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